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Most visible arrow fletching & wrap- alternative to lighted nocks?


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Sick of lighted nocks. I think I’ll use what I have & go back to no lighted nocks. Tried everyone & still disappointed.
What’s best colors or methods to see arrows the best? A white wrap around fletching?? Certain colored fletching? Any other ideas or suggestions? Thx!
When available I like a white wrap and all white fletchings. Same as you I gave up on lighted nocks. They either don't work or seem to fall off the string and it's just not worth it to me. Some of the new hi-vis yellow might be just as good and I've seen people use some reflective type wrap as well
If they're covered in blood, I've found there isn't much difference. I'm partially colorblind though. I usually spot a white fetching the best on a missed shot.
I have white reflective wraps and white/neon green fetching. The reflective is very bright at night when shined with a light.
I just switched from white n blue blazers with blue lighted nocks, to a heavier arrow with white wraps and all white vanes. I could see my old arrows great, but for some reason i cant see these worth a $***!!!! Hard to see the arrow flight at all, Even at 20 yds in the target i cant really see them.. probably just me i guess .. one of my targets is mostly all white, and the other is black with white spots, so that cant help either lol...

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I've always wanted to try all hot pink wrap with hot pink fletching. I would think they would stand out great.

I'm with most. White wraps with white fletch. My eyes are getting bad as I get older, so love lighted nocks. Nocturnals is what I use, but if not, white with white.
Blaze orange and orange knock getting old can’t see lol.
White wrap, white vanes and single neon green vane for me. Seem to work as well as anything I've found..
I’m colorblind as well. I use 2 white vanes and 1 pink. Seems to help. In need of a better lighted nock though. I’ve used nocturnals and last 2 deer I shot with it they didn’t light up. They seem to work fine when practicing with them
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