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Most visible arrow fletching & wrap- alternative to lighted nocks?

I have my arrows dip painted for 6" with florescent white and then have 2 4" white flech and one nock Flo pink 4" placed. I am not a big fan of carbon and use mainly Aluminum and have been satisfied with them for the last 30 some years. Still using a older Martin Jag setup at 60# and have tried several newer bows that just did not make me want to change. Have since sold all the rest of the bows, but kept a old High Country Sniper that I bought many moons ago.
Week ago tonight I decided nuff was enuff.
3 tags and my mind went into "brown it's down" mode.
Got into a stand at about 2:15 and was back at my cabin by 4:00.
All 3 Nockturnals were deployed.
2 does n small buck.
Got dressed lighter for dragging and by the time I got back to my stand, it was dark.
Gotta admit was SUPER COOL seeing those 3 green nocks glowing in the snow.
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