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New Mount 2012 Buck.


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It's definitely a sickness. I should have been a taxidermist. I'm worried my walls will one day fall down.:D
I like the wall pedestal form you picked and yes, those curling tips are awesome on those beams! Looks good Kaare!
Taxidermist said it was the biggest whitetail cape he had ever worked with, said he couldn't imagine how big his neck would have been a month later.
He looks awesome! I got a laugh out of your walls falling down...

I probably don't have near as many on the wall as you but people commit all the time about how many deer do I need on the wall in my man cave.... Well there is 15 shoulder mounts, 3 pedistal mounts and 4 european mounts. I figure to have six times that since most of them came in the last 8 to 10 years, I'm bound to get better at hunting the way I've got it figured......... : )
I wish I had the problem of worrying my walls might fall down! That is an awesome buck, Kaare. Love his character and the finished product looks great. Congrats.
An absolutely beautiful Mount! I am not know for being crazy about pedestals but that is a really solid done piece right there. Looks Like you have just added another great piece, to your collection, Kaare..
Just how big was he?(field dressed weight)

I really don't know...it'd be a guess at best.

I know the neck circumference on the mount at the largest point is just under 34",...
and that's a tree trunk for a mid Oct. deer.

The boys tell me his head is way bigger than the others.

I've still got half a room.
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Very nice, that is the next form I want to use. Man you have some nice looking deer. Just showed my wife your room and told her I hope mine looks half as good (and filled) as that one day. Not being a hunter you can imagine her reaction! :D
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