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New Mount 2012 Buck.

Great rack, beautiful cape, awesome mount! I really like that pose. An amazing man cave for sure. Very cool Kaare.
I would literally love just to see a thread on here of all of your mounts SaskGuy with individual pics/stories of each buck! Canadian bucks are a weakness for most of us on here I would think!
Mancave is jaw dropping with those bucks Kaare, awesome. Will never forget the pics of that buck 2nd from the right a few years back - HOG!!!!!!
Wow you have a nice wife

I don't worry about the upstairs design and how it is decorated and she leaves me alone with the basement, plus it is a good way to keep her out. lol
I know what you mean Sackguy that's why I became a taxidermist many years ago. That's a nice mount
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