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November movement

Driving around after work there was a doe bedded in the cut corn with 6 bucks around her in a circle. One was a 150ish 10 that I passed on Sunday. He looked more mature with the other bucks in sight.
After I seen the first doe and basket buck. Everything changed with a snort wheeze. I turn around there's he is 160 inch 10 point. Locked down on a bedded doe. (I tried everything grunted, snort wheezed, turned a can over he was locked down) going back tommorow. Hopefully she drags him by me.
Saw my number one hit lister (very very mature deer) pushing a doe almost 2 weekends ago now. He was pushing her hard and was panting and sweaty. Poor old guy was out of sharp! Haha Thought he kinda of started early. Had him at 70 yards for over 30 minutes as he kept 3 smaller bucks off of the doe. Doe must have came in heat early. Since then it has been every every slow. A couple small bucks thats it.
Saw two small bucks at a scrape last night, out tonight and never saw a deer. I had 4 scrapes within 25 yds and multiple rubs in between and nothing.
Sat for the first time on last Thursday the 29th. Saw a basket rack 6 or 8 was all. Made a mock scrape with a dripper and hung a camera over it. When I hunted again on Halloween on Saturday, I had a few bucks that had checked it during that 48 hours including a nice deer on Friday morning. Had a little fork horn come through about 5 o'clock and that was it. He checked the scrape then proceeded to tear some trees up the best he could on down the ridge. Another guy that hunts the same property shot a doe, helped him track it and drag it out. Wish he wouldn't shoot our bait, especially it being the time it is in the season. But he's got deer in the freezer and I don't.

I think I'll be leaving work early Friday afternoon to get in the stand for the last few hours. Other guy has the same deer on camera as I do as well as a good 10 pointer and a BIG 8.
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Two dinks and two does so far. Have to credit the poor deer movement to this octoberlike temps we have. Tomorrow should be a good trigger, but remember it is november...it can happen at any minute. Put the hours in regardless, thats what my plan is.
Two mature bucks within 30 yards so far this morning but no shot. Both came by alone on the same path ten minutes apart.
Very quiet morning so far. Had 1 unknown come by when it was still dark and 1 small 6pt at 7:34 so far...
A spike and basket buck at around 7:30. About 5 minutes apart. One at 15 yards and the other at 25. Nothing since. With the cold front moving in this evening. Movement should be good today.
I had lots of good movement this morning, but after 8:30 it was dead. saw 8 or 9 bucks cruising.
Went behind my house right after the rain this evening for a quick peek at the timber edge 400 yards away. Hit the antlers and blew a few grunts and had a big buck come up a draw for the timber to me. Had him at 50 yards. No shot.
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