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I ran some droptine seed beans and greens and some vitalize in 3 acres of dirt. With the drought ive had minimal germ and growth since mid August planting. What would you all reccomend to broadcast in attempt to get some green in? #s per acre and seed type?
Another vote for radish & rye if broadcasting. Could try “other things” & +/- to all. These 2 here are my go to’s for broadcasting. Maybe clovers in some cases for next year. Wheat & winter pea- need a lot of rain.
Simplest: winter rye

You can add clover to feed deer in the spring or fix nitrogen for next fall’s crop especially if you’re considering brassicas.

You can add radish and feed oats for variety.

All of these can be broadcast and will grow whenever enough moisture arrives. I’m all throw and grow, so I’m normally working with a thatch layer as opposed to tilling and spreading on bare dirt. That way even several heavy dews will get the rye seeds to germinate to an extent, not as well as an inch of rain of course, but it doesn't take much.
I strongly agree with the winter rye sentiment at this stage. I would not hesitate to mix in a modest amount of radishes, but I would not mess with oats at this stage. They will die at the first frost and you may only get 10-20 days of them in late planted fall plot, but that is just me. Clover is fine, even a good idea, as long as you know that you will not have much, or any, clover growing there this fall, it will come on early next year though.
These are the two sections, as you can see it's sparse coverage. I live oit west so I can't inspect but I believe the pic with the corn in background has some weed/grasses.


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I would suggest broadcast 10# Tillage Radish & 150# cereal rye ahead of a rain and follow up with another 150# rye about 2 weeks later ahead of a rain.

If you don't get any rain for another two or three weeks go ahead and broadcast 350# cereal rye per acre ahead of your next rain...if you're still 45 days from a killing frost in your area you can still broadcast radish if you like.

If you don't live nearby & aren't able to make multiple trips then I would suggest broadcasting all 300 to 350 # per acre winter rye ahead of next appreciable rain...10# per acre of tillage radish also if you like.

Agree, if what little in photo that is green are weeds I'd consider spraying with roundup. Can spray roundup right on top of un-germinated seed without effecting germination.
Broadcasting this time of year it won't get real tall like say fall seated oats get so you up the seeding rate to fill in plot horizontally...
Your not planting rye to harvest next summer for grain, are planting it to feed this fall hunting season & are trying to get as much green forage as possible.

Normally I terminate the rye when a foot tall in spring & then seed a buckwheat cover crop "After" last threat of Frost has passed...then when time to plant next year's fall food plot broadcast seed into Buckwheat then roll (crush) Buckwheat & spray roundup same day.
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