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Plot salvage

No, I am not Jeff. Lol

I have implemented "Some" of his practices... mainly his EZ No Till methods & the use of Plot Start.Think a lot of my past food plot failures were a combination of over browse & poor PH.

If he was going to work the soil or no till drill cereal rye in then yes you could go much less, but he stated wanting to broadcast.

200 lbs per acre is the absolute lightest I'd go broadcasting rye on top of the ground during optimal growing conditions in food plots intended to feed deer, even with tillage radish.
After broadcasting winter rye, should one cultipack? Thinking of laying some down soon as brassicas aren’t doing well.
Jeff is a clown

Straight rye 100-150

I prefer to go 60-80 rye, 60-80 oats, 50 Australian winter peas.
Almost exactly what we do. Works great, especially with good rain. We add radish and some clovers, pending time of year, conditions, and next years goals for the plot.

I've done 200# of rye rate in the past - almost seems to come up like golf course lawns. I prefer the plant diversity and lower rate.
300# of rye per acre?! I would be concerned that there would be so much seed out there that it would be like driving through sand on a bike. :) Could be dangerous. :)
I don't have access to a cultipacker, if rye is broadcast into the thatch ahead of good rain Ill be good? It should fet to soil no prob.
This is the vitalize section, after the decent rain earlier in the week it looks like some brassica are showing. Would you all still run the rye or rye combo with what u see here?


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