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SW Iowa any place or person who tunes bows?


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my goal obviously was to be ready for the season a long time ago. Well ended up having string issues had bow restrung by a guy in Maryville which took a long time and not sure about the work. Rest is served in incorrectly and having vane contact issues. Anyone have advice or could lend a hand would obviously compensate. Beyond frustrated at this point.
Big Oak Archery in Glenwood. I bought my bow there a few years back and take it there every year to get tuned.
Big Oak Archery is great he is only open Tuesday and Thursdays 5 to 9 and Saturdays 9 to 1. He can get pretty busy this time of year so you might try giving him a call or at least make sure you are there when he opens.
There was a guy in St. Joe that got some mentions on here a few years ago. He would dust the completed bow with chinchilla dust IIRC.
Carters archery in St Joe mo has always done a great job for me. I'm not sure about the chinchilla dust thought. Haha, he has a few things he does a little different but he can tune a bow
I know of him, but was just worried with such a short window and his reputation if it would be an issue getting in to see him.
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