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The Great Outdoors (Pictures)


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The Great Outdoor (Pictures)

This thread is for everyone to contribute to. Pictures of anything outdoors so use your imagination. More activity is still needed for this site so let's take some pics and post them up. Bow season opens in a few days and everyone I'm sure everyone would like to see views from the stand or from the blind,sunrises,sunsets,animals, birds, rubs,scrapes, and the ideas go on.
To start the thread I dug up some old photos of our Yellowstone trip a few years back. Mountain Goats on Beartooth Pass.
Next we left Cooke City on the NE entrance and was head to Lamars valley early in the morning. We just missed a pack of wolves taking down this cow elk. Five wolves were at the kill and it was a very surreal site watching this unfold very close to the road. The wolf biologist came after we were there and he was in awe what he was seeing. As I look back I was probably very fortunate to see this event.
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A couple videos I uploaded from last year of some deer. Nothing spectacular but still fun to see just the same.
Good luck on the coming season have fun and take some pictures.


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One of my favorite parts of my elk hunt in New Mexico was visiting a remote area with native ruins. this is the Nogales cliff house. built around 1100. notice in one pic you can see hand prints where they packed clay to build the structure. pretty amazing to put my hands in those impressions and think about the people who made them.
Denali from McKinley lodge


Came across this great bull on the Denali tour. High and wide.

IMG_8309.jpg IMG_8310.jpg IMG_8311.jpg IMG_8312.jpg IMG_8313.jpg IMG_8314.jpg
Here's mine. Fun stuff- taking my little boat way the heck back in middle of no where or at least with a trolling motor - it's a long & quiet ride. Last year I snapped some pics.
Pretty quiet cool & filled with wildlife and nice views.
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The Great Outdoors can produce some very unusual finds. Found opening morning in a saddle 3/4 miles from the closet road.
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Colorado this past January. Near Breckenridge. If it wasn't for my wife's and my family all being here, I'd very seriously consider moving out there. I absolutely love the mountains.


That being said. I can't complain about this view of my backyard. We get some fantastic sunsets out here. I'll try to post some more put of my stand setups as the season goes on!
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