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The Great Outdoors (Pictures)

That's either sad and unfortunate because a human life was lost or funny because some guys memorial of a 200"er

It was definitely a memorial with the cross and a broken up angel and a laminated poem. The find was very somber. Are the ashes there don't know..... took these two pics and left the scene pronto!
CurtisWalker, if you don't mind me asking where were those pictures taken that looks very familiar, the waterfall ,the lake the mountains.
Great pics everyone.




With my limited photography skills you guys are making me look bad:D:D
I now need to up my game somehow:oops:
Hey the pics are great and thanks for putting them up. Pictures tell the real story so keep putting them up.
Great way for new or old members to get active on here.
My hunt this AM was a wet,humid,warm,soggy,foggy bust.
Only time the clouds cleared to show Mr Moon was before sunrise.
My view this morning

IMG_0450.JPG IMG_0451.JPG
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I found this old house foundation many years ago in the woods.
Random views from the stand.
Lights out.
Let us see what you see so get them cameras going
Ever find something in the timber and you just scratched your head?
old deer stand.jpg
When I realized I wasn't in Kansas anymore? AK moose hunt with a friend. I still pinch myself.
no kansas.JPG
Colorado this past January. Near Breckenridge. If it wasn't for my wife's and my family all being here, I'd very seriously consider moving out there. I absolutely love the mountains.

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That being said. I can't complain about this view of my backyard. We get some fantastic sunsets out here. I'll try to post some more put of my stand setups as the season goes on!
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i live in nothern wisconsin where we see some great sunsets but i dont think some compare to an Iowa sunset,, headed there tomorrow, cant wait.
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