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Tired of the ol' whisker biscuit


I'm looking to upgrade rests this next year. The ol Whisker Biscuit just isnt doing to for me, the bow is tuned and I believe my form to be true and i'm still getting unstable arrow flight. What is a nice drop away rest that doesn't break the bank and still holds the arrow in place like the WB?
Had a whisker biscuit, then went to a QAD, now have a trophy taker and I am real happy with it.
Had an intermittent issue with my QAD not dropping every time. Switched to the Trophy Taker Smackdown Pro, and haven't looked back. Been a great rest for me.
I also had issues with my QAD Ultra dropping correctly and fletch clearing. Switched to a Limb Driver. Super easy set up. Simple design. No need for readjustment. Set it and forget it. I have had it on my bow for over 8 years. So thousands and thousands of shots later I have not had to do one thing to it. Still works flawlessly. I have found the K.I.S.S. principle is best when it comes to archery gear.
That's weird, I'm going back to a whisker biscuit because I hate my QAD HD..... I also like the spot hawg rest.
Ripcord Code Red for me. Had a TTaker prior to that and had no complaints - just wanted a bit more containment. I think the Ripcord provides a bit more vane clearance versus the QAD.
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