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Trapping 2023-2024

My main goal this year was to trap this guy. 3 days in and checked off the list.


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You gonna tan that? Super cool.
This guy's been around for the last year. This morning was the first time I've seen him in our yard though. Would you try to catch it or just enjoy it being around?

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Haven't trapped seriously for a couple of years, but if I were would still have a hard time convincing myself to target that one. Have a soft spot for fox and that's a pretty one to keep around and enjoy watching.

Pulled some cards yesterday and saw this guy. Is he shedding out his dark winter coat?

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Last year was my first year snaring. I was after coyotes specifically. A well seasoned trapper gave me the advice I used. He said after a good snow storm, the next day or two, walk the property one is going to trap and locate spots that the coyotes walked that one can set a snare 12" off the ground, with a 12" loop, Make sure to anchor it high up so its a quick kill. I started snaring in Feb and quit in March. I snared 10 coyotes. I set some lower ones and caught several coons too. This was on 130 acres. Based on cams I have a target rich environment again. My fawn recruitment was quite noticeably higher this year. I attribute that to dead coyotes. I know I still had predation as I caught one on cam carrying a fawn. This will be an annual endeavor as I don't think one can ever eradicate them, nor would I want to.
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