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We’re Asking for Prayers and Support


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This is a hard thread to make as it’s hard sometimes showing our personal lives but here it goes.

I meet my wife when I changed high schools during my freshman year and she’s been the one ever since.
She’s had a nagging cough since August and we just thought it was the respiratory virus that was going around.
She had it checked out a few weeks ago they tested her blood and it came back good but the X-ray showed something in her lung.
A more detailed X-ray was scheduled last Monday and her doctor called her the next day and said he was very concerned with what he seen and very certain she has lung cancer.
She has never smoked a day in her life! Next Thursday she has a Petscan and Friday we meet with the doctors in Des Moines for a biopsy and treatments if needed!

Sooo if you can say and send a prayer for her and I!
I know everyone has gone through stuff like this but it’s been a tough couple weeks I feel helpless and guilt cause I’d rather have it be myself than her and there’s nothing I can do!
This part I’ll explain is how I know that there is a higher power! The timing is bazar as after 32 years this was going to be my last year doing deer mounts and only doing a limited number. This news came right before the crazy time of gun season so the shop had been shut down which will be one thing less to deal with during this time!!
Sorry for the long post it’s hard to sleep so I got up at 3 am and made some pizza dough for tonight.
Thanks for reading send them prayers and hope for good news in the coming weeks!
That is heartbreaking Ishi, I pray that she will defeat this. Science has come a long way so there's always a reason to be hopeful. Bless all of you during hard times.
Thanks for letting us know Ishi. Praying for strength, endurance, peace that passes all understanding, knowledge for the medical team, and mostly for God's healing touch for your wife.
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