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What u doing now deer hunting related?


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What anyone doing? For hunting itself….
I remember doing all these things like a lunatic when I was 15-25…. I’ll admit - in my OLD AGE ;) I slack a bit now BUT….
-scout deer sign…. trails, scrapes, funnels & spots to hand stands.
-Knocking on doors for permission.
-If able to do any little land projects. Maybe asking land owner for ability to do a little plot. Or a bit of timber work.
-showing up & doing some projects for land owners without being asked.
-getting all gear dialed in & practice.

Land owners:
-fertilizer & lime done. (Takes time to break down so earlier the better).
-cutting junk timber for browse, bedding & new successional growth …. New stages of growth none stop on any size farm.
-tree plantings of any type.
-mineral if legal. Winter, spring & into summer is when needed. By late summer, not near the benefit.
-frost seeding clover & switch type things.
-Tree spading (or thinning areas too thick)
-fixing equipment before it gets crazy.
-burning timber.

What else? What else? The list never ends. I’m gonna guess 75% of folks are doing “nothing”. Which is fine!!! All good. But- for those a bit crazed & wanting to have the best hunting season coming up… IMO- now is the time to make strides. What u up to? Other things folks should be doing??
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We spent a couple weekends scouting, hanging new stands and shed hunting in Missouri. Good getaway from the snow up here.

Fun times, and you learn a lot about the property !
Bought gly, fertilizer, lime, and seed. Getting ready for spring planting. A little scouting that induced a couple stand relocations. Might be better than hunting itself. Lol. Oh, did buy a Firminator. Let you know if it actually works
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Had aglime delivered, spread about half on food plots. Bought a Ezee flow drop spreader to spread the rest, the pull behind cyclone spreader was too slow. Ordered seed, thinking about a burn...
TSI and shed hunting have been the main two things for me. This was the first year that Dad and I tackled some TSI and I'm really pumped to see the change over the next few years. Now that we have that project completed we'll be doing some cedar removal and I'd like to tackle a timber burn in the area we just did the TSI.

We also will need to reassess what we want to plant in the main food plot. It's about 1.5 acres with half clover and half brassicas currently. The owner before my Dad had beans and that seemed to attract more deer later in the year but it seems a little advanced for us and we don't have a electric fence.
Having a state forester look my farm over, and make plans for habitat improvement. Which includes a selective harvest of Mature Silver maples, a planting of Swamp white oaks, and a planned planting of red cedars to add thermal cover to my farm.
When I'm not working, being a father, and going to church, I fill my time with cutting and splitting about 60 cord of wood and going to the gym on a regular basis.
Sounds bit like my schedule. 7 & 11 are my kids age & they do it all. Keeping up with Cardio & weights just to stay fit but farm work keeps most dudes in decent physical shape too.
Only perk I have…. I fired myself from my job in medical field about 7-8 years ago. So make own schedule. Which is about to get insane in about 3-4 weeks.
Aside from shed hunting and putting some minerals out I'll be moving a couple stands and painting a ladder stand in camo for a new location. Also getting new string and cables on my bow so I'll be ready to go this fall. I hate putting stands up in the hot month of August like I normally do, should only have to trim a few shooting lanes late summer. Forgot trimming fruit trees...
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Not deer related.

Culled the chicken flock last fall and got a bunch of chicks under a heat lamp now. Spent the weekend cleaning out the hen house and outdoor run. Was a bit chilly hosing off the run today, ice formed on the fencing from the hose splash.

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Good job Matt45.
Hope you're saving the castors?

This past 2 day storm is gonna not be a good thing for our deer.
Anybody have a lead for 1lb bag of pumpkin seeds for planting?
Good job Matt45.
Hope you're saving the castors?

This past 2 day storm is gonna not be a good thing for our deer.
Anybody have a lead for 1lb bag of pumpkin seeds for planting?
I’m saving the castors….unfortunately the price of castor has dropped from $65-$70 a pound to $25-$30 if you can even sell it. Currently have close to 8 lbs.
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