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What u doing now deer hunting related?

-Frost seeding Switch(not done)
-Frost seeding clover(done)
-Just signed the contract for Heavy Brush Management and have hired Midwest Habitat Company to come with his mulcher if the weather ever cooperates
-TSI timber(Not Done)
-Burn some existing natives within the next month(Not done)
-Spreading some Lime and Fertilizer(Not Done)

Im sure the list goes on...Its all fun work but work none the less and want it all done NOW! Just takes time
Good job Matt45.
Hope you're saving the castors?

This past 2 day storm is gonna not be a good thing for our deer.
Anybody have a lead for 1lb bag of pumpkin seeds for planting?
I always keep and dry my own seeds from pumpkins the year before. Thought everyone did.....
Attempted my first go at hinge cutting up and dumping some crap trees to release some young oaks. Hopefully didn't screw it up.
Also frost seeded some clover today as well.

Rest of the list is about a mile long.
When the snow isn't on the ground and it's not too slippery, been cutting trees and trying to thicken up property and cut for more screening along property borders and bedding pockets. Yesterday frost seeded over last year's brassicas plots with clovers. Getting areas ready to frost seed switchgrass and plant trees and miscantus screening.Checking the trails to see how deer are using property,flagging stand sites and trying to prepare those by cutting access trails. Seeing where deer are bedding and how they are using areas you cut so you can assess if it's right amount of thickness. I almost feel it's best to cut for screening along property borders when leaves are on the trees so you can see where your leaf cover is going to be. Lots of guys will tell you not to cut then but I feel it helps to see where the leafy cover is when the trees drop.
We just got a noreaster. The snow is up past the deers body. When my 100 lb lab goes in the snow its over its back.I had cut a bunch of maples for the deer to browse but they can't even get to it now. I hope it melts quick.
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