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Most visible arrow fletching & wrap- alternative to lighted nocks?


Staff member
Sick of lighted nocks. I think I’ll use what I have & go back to no lighted nocks. Tried everyone & still disappointed.
What’s best colors or methods to see arrows the best? A white wrap around fletching?? Certain colored fletching? Any other ideas or suggestions? Thx!


PMA Member
When available I like a white wrap and all white fletchings. Same as you I gave up on lighted nocks. They either don't work or seem to fall off the string and it's just not worth it to me. Some of the new hi-vis yellow might be just as good and I've seen people use some reflective type wrap as well


Well-Known Member
If they're covered in blood, I've found there isn't much difference. I'm partially colorblind though. I usually spot a white fetching the best on a missed shot.


I have white reflective wraps and white/neon green fetching. The reflective is very bright at night when shined with a light.


Active Member
I just switched from white n blue blazers with blue lighted nocks, to a heavier arrow with white wraps and all white vanes. I could see my old arrows great, but for some reason i cant see these worth a $***!!!! Hard to see the arrow flight at all, Even at 20 yds in the target i cant really see them.. probably just me i guess .. one of my targets is mostly all white, and the other is black with white spots, so that cant help either lol...

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Land of the Whitetail
I've always wanted to try all hot pink wrap with hot pink fletching. I would think they would stand out great.



PMA Member
I'm with most. White wraps with white fletch. My eyes are getting bad as I get older, so love lighted nocks. Nocturnals is what I use, but if not, white with white.
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