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Think these were started March 11. They are the first seed chestnuts from trees I started from bought seed 8 years ago. Only had 4 failures out of 36.
chestnuts april 25,2019.jpeg
That's awesome to now be getting seeds from trees you started from seed! I'm hoping in a few years those sawtooth oaks you gave me start producing some acorns so I can do the same. Otherwise I may hit you up for another batch of those acorns, they were great, got some 7-8' tall trees out there now! All started from an acorn
For some reason sometimes when I post they don't go through. My trees that are producing are 8 to 10 feet tall. They are dunstans. I have two Chinese that I started as potted trees that are taller. One has produced but not pollinated chestnuts. They are off by themselves and the other one got set back from deer damage. I have been starting all my seeds in root pruner pots. No problem Jordan on the sawtooth oak. They produce acorns every year but not many last year. We broke out of a two year drought. You guys know what I'm talking about.
First year with chestnuts. Seeds started in March in pots. Should I plant this spring or this fall?

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Always a toss up. Me I usually hold them over till fall. But most don't want to plant when dormant the first part of Nov. My son will be planting these out of the trays real soon. With some mulch spring planting would be fine. I will say 1 year old seedlings started in root trapper pots or bags will catch the 2 year old trees bought at the store. Always remember chestnuts don't like wet feet.
$35 for dunstans - though many of my buddies have done it & are happy.... that’s pretty “nuts” for price. Crazy. $5-10 should be standard “retail” pricing & id go with Chinese before dunstans if splitting hairs. I do really like both & I have Chinese & dunstan- both are fine but dunstan are not superior to Chinese.
I just got to about 1000 seeds today. Here’s start. I’ll post some pics with updates. It’s dark & just wrapped up. ;).

Here’s pre-sprout. :)
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Making plans for 2020: Talk to me about soil for chestnuts. Specifically:

1. Soil for growing in pots and or rootmaker bags in nursery. What's the soil recipe?

2. Soil composition to look for at site selection for permanent planting locations.
Chestnuts don't like wet roots. For pots look for something that is highly porous.
https://www.hummert.com/media-bark-...ark-mix-10121800?returnurl=/media-bark-based/ I just found this one at Hummert International in St. Louis.
https://www.pthorticulture.com/en/products/pro-mix-brk-biofungicide-plus-mycorrhizae/ This one I was looking for but was sold out. The Berger bm7 looks fine.
https://www.lowes.com/pd/PRO-MIX-Growing-Medium-2-2-cu-ft-Peat-Moss-Moisture-Control/3745337 If you want and can find some mini pine bark you can mix these two together. This is the way I did it for several years but Menards quit handling the mini bark.
Hard to over water these mixes in potted chestnuts. As far as soil to plant in. Just remember years ago the chestnuts out numbered oaks. Don't think they would do good in bottoms. Hillsides and ridge tops should be perfect. I have had seedlings catch and pass 2 year old potted trees bought at the store.
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