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DWGH Home Farm Projects Thread

Got another blind mounted on a trailer this morning. To me mobility is with these blinds. Will be first time trying a muddy. Seems pretty nice.


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Are you fairly satisfied with that blower seeding attachment? I was contemplating getting one for my blower.
yes I am, some of the seeds have already germinated, been dry as a bone since the day i spread though hoping the don't roast.
Will post more updates on that later this fall nohow it turned out I am sure
Haven't checked in on this thread in quite awhile. Will update pics shortly from really good deer buddy from MI killed on this farm and old mature buck my wife tagged (her first buck) late season.
Here is a video update of tsi (mostly junk tree removal) in the two island draws in the big crp field at the farm.
These areas were getting over run with black locust, ash, hackberry. These spots don't hold a ton of deer but certainly could hold the right deer. Heather's buck and a few others actually came out of the draw behind this little pond draw the night she harvested. Also did some burning on sprouts area in crp that I will need to finish cleaning up this spring.
Foodplot GP for my big “west plot” for next 10 years. CRP qualified for HELI on the re-enrollment so has to exclude food plot acres, which didnt hirt my feelings with the higher rate and being able to screen without FSA telling me what to do.

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Yesterday was BIG day. Sold the “North Farm” and bought the adjacent timber farm to the home farm that has been the subject of this thread. Lots of work ahead as I make this my life’s work and build our home on the red circle tract, the highlighted farm is the CRP and the blue X farm is yesterday’s addition. I knew when I bought the crp farm 8/10/20 that I would want to have the neighboring farm to the west given the opportunity, but I had no idea it would come up so quickly.
Got really lucky it all worked out. Kudos to The Big Guy for answered prayers.

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Took a vacation day yesterday, lots of progress with new grapple bucket. Got 5 additional cedar logs for the mill. That Makes 9 of the 36 needed. Quick video of progress
"Counter weight and tool bucket..." love it. Thanks for sharing this adventure. I am curious to see how the cedar logs mill up for you.
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