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From the stand

I didn't have the camera over the hole he/she ran into- I put it on the closest post and just had to hope he went by. Still have the 3 cameras out on that property and will continue to check it
Working a half day tomorrow and going to take both my bow and smoke pole to the orchard tomorrow- stopped by there early afternoon just to see how things were and pulled a camera- some reason most of the pics were blurry but excited to get back out! Also a few cedars have been tore up just in the last week!



Different property by 150 miles and definitely wouldn't mistake a bobcat for mountain lion- and would have been a little more excited to post it. That lion I saw dwarfs that bobcat
Headed out to hopefully fill either my bow Buck tag or muzzy buck tag- excited to finally get back out!!

Hope everyone has a safe and happy holiday as well!!
Saw multiple deer but no big bucks - pretty disappointed actually, I had high expectations for the evening. Ready for to get colder!
^ Was this at the Apple Orchard?

Yes at the orchard. One was a VERY large doe that I suspect was a shed buck
- didn't get close enough to tell. 11 deer in the field at the end of light- the mature bucks could have been still working out but was getting too dark to tell.
Just got done rowing my first 1/2 marathon at Crossfit tonight- I def worked for this egg nog and brandy!

Taking a friends son and my brother out for a deer hunt tomorrow AM to the food plots (have plans tomorrow evening so AM will have to do) and pheasant/quail mid day Will be sure to update on the bird numbers tomorrow
Saw 4 Roosters and 3 hens - were. Flushing out early. Need colder weather- snow and a dog. Couple covey of quail jumped up and dropped some of them. Very few deer out today but it was a great day! Took the 7 year old son of a good friend - my brother and his 10 year old son. they all had a blast and got a few birds too
Took a few guys down to ringgold county to the food plots today and a guy shot a small buck that was limping really badly. Pretty positive it is a mule deer- have you ever heard of a mule deer being killed in southern Iowa?!?
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