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Here is my take...

The hawkeyes do play to their competition quite often. Has a lot to do with style of football Coach Farentz has planned. If the hawks get up 2-3 touchdowns, they pound the ball and get the clock going and don't really look to put up 70 points like other "fun to watch" teams. He has done this for years. The hawks have never been the team to try and be flashy or score 70 a game. This is why the hawks don't fair well on the "eye test" But this type of football also allows some of those teams who may not be as good to hang around and possibly get a late score to really hang around.

The Hawks haven't had too many mistakes offensively this year to really put them in bad spots. They take care of the football which has allowed them to win some of the closer games.

Some of the people talking down about the hawkeyes and think they will get stomped by Sparty haven't watched much Hawkeye football then. A lot of the reason they think that is because of the "eye test" ... they don't have the "wow factor" other teams have. Much of that comes from the style of their play/coaching. Plain and simple.

I actually think they match up with Sparty better than OSU. I feel good about it but am nervous as all get out too. I don't for one second believe that if both teams play their best that Sparty wins. I still think it will be a close game and will come down to who can make a big play down the stretch.

Go Hawks.
This summer I would have guessed Iowa's record at this point at 3-9, not 12-0. I predict MSU will come in with a ton of confidence after throttling PSU and take the Hawks a little light like the press does. Iowa by 5
MSU prevails this weekend and OSU gets in the top four playoff even though they don't win the conference title.
Nothing new at Iowa. They recruit athletes. The kid may come in as a TE, but by the time he leaves they have put size and strength on him an now he is a OL. Brandon Scherff was a QB in HS and left 6-5 319 and one of the best OL in the country. Iowa has went 12-0 this year with 0 five star recruits, 0 four star, 4 three star, 11 two star and 6 walkon's. They do this year in and year out, thats why we have the up and down seasons by not having the top recruits coming in every year. Iowa players are moving to different positions to fill voids. LB's to FB's, just like McNutt was a QB for 2 years before moving him to WR to better use his talents.

Here is a great read. http://www.hawkcentral.com/story/sp...cruiting-classes-into-a-top-10-team/74934168/
I suppose everyone is busy deer hunting but I'm surprised there isn't a little more buzz on here for game day.

If Iowa wins they will finally shake the "weak schedule" stigma and get in to the playoff, lose and it's off to the Fiesta Bowl.

First real test for Iowa all year and I think it will show. 34-24 Spartans.
I think it will be a good game. I'm a pretty avid hawks fan, not nuts, but a fan. I could stomach a close loss, I just hope its not a spartan blowout. The "I told you so" haters will come out of the woodwork if that happens.
I was in the process of saying they needed to convert 3rd downs but didn't see that one!
That's the way championship games are supposed to be. Close, down to the wire, and hard fought.

I'm a Cyclone to the bone and a Big 12 homer so I love me some high scoring juggernaut offenses. But I enjoyed that game despite the low score.
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