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Hunting room/Man Cave/Man Bar

Locked Bucks
224 1/8 I don't even hunt ducks but really like the ducks on the game strap. And the Old Rivals!
224...those ducks are frickin cool! Such a cool idea...love the blue paint and everything. You really got it going in there! Thanks for sharing man! So cool!
Even some jewelry on one of those green heads :way: That is a bad ass room. I love the pintails, prettiest of them all IMO
224 I can't imagine how much your taxidermy bill was! that is one of the coolest walls I've every seen! There are some great man caves in this thread, I just finished my basement and have started to decorate my cave. Looks like I have some catching up to do!
224 1/8 that is awesome. one cam also is great. now i just need some tropheys some cash, and oh yea a house and i can use some of these ideas!
Hopp, every so often I come across mounts for sale on craigslist in case your interested. Don't want your man cave to have completely bare walls.
Nice man cave's guys. I too have a narrow, but long basement, so I put 3/4" oriented strand board behind the drywall on one end. While my mounts are somewhat crowded, I can hang them anywhere and people aren't running into them. They don't complain about the close quarters either.



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