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Recent content by arm

  1. arm

    Cleaning out a lighted nock?

    I dont have any reactive advice but I put a tiny pit of scotch tape over the hole, just enough to cover the hole.
  2. arm

    Tractor Tire Ballast & Flat Prevention

    Have you considered this?
  3. arm

    Auto aiming bow

    One smart dude
  4. arm

    perhaps a glyphosate shortage coming

    Is this California being California or is there real carcinogen risks with gly? I admit I haven't followed it, just head few headlines, don't even know if California...just sounds like it.
  5. arm

    Genesis Drill Review

    Whats the verdict on corn so far?
  6. arm

    4 Point Disappointment

    To be fair. There aren't many people on this site and you talk about it often. Common knowledge that you moved for better draw, imo
  7. arm

    4 Point Disappointment

    If I had a gun to my head, I'd say coon damage is greater than deer damage to any corn I've tried. Maybe perception, idk, flattened corn is easy to spot
  8. arm

    Toxic waste muck hole turned into a nice pond!!!!

    Do you have more detailed plan on sustaining walleye in a pond? Smaller pond if that matters
  9. arm

    What should I do for this pond moss?

    One other thing, grass carp won't eat it. They'd probably make it worse I'll need to look into the pond boss forums, sounds good already
  10. arm

    What should I do for this pond moss?

    That is filamentous algae. Your best bet is to treat with Cutrine Plus....1.8 gallons per treated acre. Not a one and done though
  11. arm

    New Holland T4030 or T4 75

  12. arm


  13. arm

    JD 7000 No-till planter

    I'd just make that whatever you buy just buy it right because it will cost money lol. All above adds up especially if you're into new meters and want row cleaners. Easy spend 2k fixin it up for a damn good food plot planter
  14. arm

    The last few weeks projects & pics... updating....

    They look nice. The tank rinser and sits closer to tractor. Maybe one day!
  15. arm

    The last few weeks projects & pics... updating....

    How does he like that sprayer?
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