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Recent content by wapsiguy

  1. wapsiguy

    Turkey season 2016

    I've been lucky enough to have been tagged out since the Wednesday of 1st season. Birds all over in my area. Gobbling great and all over my DSD Jake. I had 3 mature toms come in Wednesday morning right off the roost. Scout, scout, scout. That's what works for me. My nephew and I both tagged...
  2. wapsiguy

    Help with corrupt video file

    I spoke with Tactacam. They told me that they now recommend a 32GB class 10 card. I was using a 64GB class 10. I've had really good luck with the camera so I wouldn't be afraid to buy one
  3. wapsiguy

    Help with corrupt video file

    Good afternoon guys/gals, I have a .mov file from a Tactacam camera that will not play. It gives me a Error - 2048. I have tried some free repair programs that i found online but they haven't worked. Does anyone have any idea or other options for me? I'm willing to pay if there is something or...
  4. wapsiguy

    Final put one down

    Vinod? Cool deer!
  5. wapsiguy

    Jake decoy

    The Avian looks really good but I found it to be clumsy and out of balance when using the stake provided. DSD all the way for me, no comparison
  6. wapsiguy

    Good Decoy?

    Very true statement!
  7. wapsiguy

    Turkey Updates

    Male turkeys strut and gobble year round
  8. wapsiguy

    Gould's Tag Raffle

    I would buy 2 let me know how to pay
  9. wapsiguy

    Need help!!! Tracking buck shot with muzzleloader in shoulder

    I agree! I've been told the same thing to "break the deers shoulder" I can't do it and have yet to lose a deer I shot with my muzzleloader
  10. wapsiguy

    Score ?

    Yellow line
  11. wapsiguy

    Would you pass or shoot?

    Exactly what I was thinking
  12. wapsiguy

    Chewy moral mushrooms

    I can tell there's a lot of newbies on here that haven't seen this guys sarcasm before.
  13. wapsiguy

    Great Season So Far!

    Sweet Thomas! Congrats on the birds and congrats on the experience of a lifetime with your son..........well done!!
  14. wapsiguy

    Awesome Day!!

    You da man!! Unreal day
  15. wapsiguy

    Windy Day Tom

    Good work Justin, Congrats on the bird. Good sized fan on him
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